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Poetry from Craig Santos Perez

One of my favorite poems in the forthcoming issue of NDQ (87/3/4) is Craig Santos Perez’s “from aerial roots [off-island chamorros]”. Part of what makes this poem so intriguing and exciting to me is the structure of the lines and their arrangement which really works much better in the print version of the Quarterly.

Judging an Issue by its Cover

The great thing about a journal with as much history at North Dakota Quarterly is that its past is a constant inspiration. For the cover 87.3/4, our publishing partners at the University of Nebraska Press decided to kick it olde skool with a design that would have looked at home on a

Fiction from Erin McIntosh: The Doll’s House

The autumn just feels more Gothic than other seasons (at least here in North Dakotaland). The days get shorter, the weather cooler and more abrupt, and the sun lower in the sky. To celebrate this annual turn, we decided to share another story from our forthcoming issue, NDQ 87.3/4. Erin McIntosh’s “The

Editor’s Note: Style as Story

We received news from our production partners at the University of Nebraska Press that NDQ 87.3/4 has gone to typesetting! With any luck the issue should appear by late-November and in time for holidays reading. The issue kicks off with an editor’s note from our fiction editor Gilad Elbom,  which we share below. Gilad has been

NDQ 87.3/4 Table of Contents

While we’ve been teasing issue 87.3/4 for quite some time now, I’m very pleased to release its table of contents. As with every NDQ it features a diverse collections of fiction, essay, reviews, and poetry. We’re also fortunate to have a series of prints from Marco Hernandez and an editor’s

New Poetry from John Grey: In The Hour Before Sunset

To celebrate sending issue 87.3/4 off to our publishing partners at the University of Nebraska, I wanted to give another preview of the volume.  Here’s John Grey’s latest contribution to the Quarterly. It’ll be the last poem in the issue and I always worry that it could get lost. To

A Preview: The Poetry of John Sibley Williams

As NDQ issue 87.3/4 starts to come together, it seemed like a good idea to preview some of John Sibley Williams’ poetry. The Quarterly’s been fortunate enough to publish some of his poetry before. “Canaveral,””Land Management,” and “Born For” appeared in NDQ 87.1/2 (you can download the entire issue here

Poetry from Diane Scholl: In the Field Museum

We’re beginning to look ahead to issue 87.3/4 which will go to press this fall and we thought it would be fun to release a few pieces from it early. Maybe this tempts you to renew your subscription or download our last issue (for free) to see if NDQ is

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