North Dakota Quarterly 87.3/4 is out!

Bill Caraher |

For the last three years, I’ve been editor of North Dakota Quarterly. Needless to say becoming editor has nudged me well beyond my conventional comfort zone. I’ve had to try to wrap my head around not only the intricacies of managing an editorial board and expert genre editors and also develop a workflow with our publishing partners at the University of Nebraska Press.

There are many days, however, when it’s worth it. It’s a pleasure to correspond with authors, to read our diverse contributions, and to work with my editors to craft a coherent volume of creative work. And when it all comes together, I can’t help but feel a mixture of gratitude and pride in what we were able to bring into the world.

This weekend, I received my copies of issue 87.3/4. This is the last issue of the third volume that I have edited. It brings together over 300 pages of poetry, fiction, essays, and reviews. Like every issue of NDQ, we feature both renown and first time authors, global voices and local views, and short poetic interventions as well as longer fiction and essays.

If you want a copy, you can subscribe here or buy a single copy. If you think you might want a copy, but aren’t quite sure check out our last issue which is available for free here.

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Bill Caraher is editor of North Dakota Quarterly.

One Reply to “North Dakota Quarterly 87.3/4 is out!”

  1. Bob Kallberg says:

    Bill, do contributers get a complimentary copy, or does one have to order it?


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