Table of Contents for NDQ 89.1/2

On Monday, the next issue of North Dakota Quarterly went to our publishing partners at the University of Nebraska Press. It is a pretty exciting issue (and not just because it’s almost done!). NDQ 89.1/2 includes not only the usual gaggle of stories, essays, and poetry, but a special section on literature in translation.

Over the next month or so, we’ll mix some of the stuff from issue 89.1/2 with the material from 88.3/4 just to get you excited about what’s ahead! Check out the table of contents below!

As you likely know, these days are particularly challenging for many cultural institutions, publishers, and little magazines. So even if NDQ doesn’t float your boat, If you can, consider buying a book from a small presssubscribing to a literary journal (like our UNP stablemate, Hotel Amerika), or otherwise supporting the arts.    

Table of Contents for NDQ 89.1/2

In Memoriam: Donald Junkins
The Editors

Special Section on Literature in Translation

Introduction to A Special Section on Translation
Melissa Birkhofer

The Summer My Mother Had Green Eyes
Tatiana Ţîbuleac (Translated by Jozefina Komporaly)

My unfinished poem
Spartakos Anagnostaras

May I?
A Rainy Day
Dmitry Blizniuk (Translated by Sergey Gerasimov)

New York, 1968
Fifth Avenue, New York
But How Much Longer!
Because . . .
The New Greeks
Doros Loizou (Translated by Peter J. King and Andrea Christofidou)

First Voice
Heart of a river
Juana Peñate Montejo (Translated by Carol Rose Little and Charlotte Milholland Friedman)

Unpublished Haikus
Drunkness of poetry
Jaime Pérez González

Introduction to the Poetry of Muyaka bin Haji al-Ghassaniy
Richard Prins
Go Beat On the Hive
All of It Dies Inside You
What Is Mine Is Yours
My Dinghy
The Donkey Breeder
Muyaka bin Haji al-Ghassaniy (Translated by Richard Prins)

Introduction to the Poetry of María Concepción Bautista Vázquez
Sean Sell
I am a traveler
Quiet time
Misty sky
The song of the souls
María Concepción Bautista Vázquez (Translated by Sean Sell)

What I Wrote About
Judita Šalgo (Translated by John K. Cox)


Ophelia’s Understudy
Ross West

Saga of the Past-Life Debutants
Seth Brady Tucker

Carolyn Oliver

Shane Castle


Brownout, Slouching Towards Bethlehem
Jules Fitz Gerald

Erica Goss

For Autumn
Autumn Farmer

Ymir’s Blood
Sarah Beck


The Black Hero’s Journey: A Review of Colin in Black and White
Eric Burin


The Countenance is Upon us
Millicent Accardi

Anne Dyer Stuart

Tabbitha Erceg

Quiet Attire
Cameron Lovejoy

Natalie Callum

John Grey

Ryan Quinn Flanagan

Passing Judgment
Peter Imsdahl

Peacock Flat
Marc Janssen

I’m Listening
Zarah Parker

Yard Work
Wade Fox

Time is another river
Poetry near you
Merie Kirby

Shoulder To Shoulder
Ken Holland

Trevian J. Hunter

Entertaining Physics in War
Jeffrey H. MacLachlan

The Gravity of Flight
When Sleep Won’t Come
Margo Davis

We All Fall Down
William R. Stoddart

Unguided Mission
Robert Pegel

Fashion Statement
Fred Pollack

Comfort Food, And Not
   Pan-demic Of Quesadillas
   Our Merry Tradition, Tradition
   Wrongly Papered-Over Anniversary
   Personal Plus Political Arcs
Gerard Sarnat

Becoming Bulletproof
Debbie K. Trantow

Unforgiven, I Wake to A Burning City, Minneapolis, May 28, 2020
An April Morning in Self Quarantine
Patrick Cabello Hansel

Poem with a Little Help from B.B. King
Daye Phillippo

Guinea Pigs
Kim Roberts

Perturbation Midnight
Terry Brinkman

The Day My Son Learns About Death
Katy Luxem

A Prison Farm Spoons with Oxbow Lakes
Coronavirus Diary Redux
Angela Ball

Showers & Rain
Death Certificates
Michael Lee Johnson

Morning Sky
Charlene Langfur

Apnea in the Land of Pandemic
Small World
Robert S. King

If the Shoe Fits
Bonnie Larson Staiger

Daniel Aristi

Robbie Gamble

w.w. harris

Can We All Get Along?
     A girl
     A shopkeeper
Patti Kameya

Tent City
Cole W. Williams

The Code of George
Hire a Veteran
Richard Cecil

Vanishing Points
Jeffrey Thompson

March 8, 2019
An Atheist No More
Baseball Enlightenment
On an Old Ballplayer Getting Back in Shape
Baseball Sestina
John Poff

Baseball Time
Barry Harris

Robert L. Penick

Fast Food
Anna Kavanaugh

Skeletons Fighting Over a Pickled Herring
Kenneth Pobo

Kevin Neal

First Date
Erik Moyer

In Life, There Is Always an Endgame
Ann Christine Tabaka

We ask wedding guests to wear flats
Beth Oast Williams

Mornings Without Coffee
Man on Twitter Who Isn’t Your Friend
Cyndie Zikmund

The Window
Sam Rose Preminger

when my mother ironed
Susan Triemert

Tom Barlow

Rumors of Abandonment
Red Shirt
Beverly Burch

The Funeral Diviner
Rebecca Lilly

I Never Do This
Gloria Parker

Pack the Weight
Man Pickup
Diane Webster

Parallel Play
Richard Brancato

Whitetip Sharks Below Cargo Pier
Jojo Morelli

You Don’t Want to Be a River
William Doreski

The Road Becomes a River
Brendan Stermer

Saint-Paul Asylum, Saint-Rémy
The Recluse
Jane Blanchard

Rediscovering Poetry on My Day Off
Karen DeGroot Carter

Caleb Coy

Real Poems: A Rush from Each One I Flag
Rodney Torreson

I Looked for Sylvia in the Library
Alicia Caldanaro Wildfang

Reading Henry Vaughan
William Virgil Davis

We Are All Complicit
Oisín Breen

Honorary Darwin Award
Da Dragon In Me
Polynesians of Da North Atlantic
Joe Balaz

William Heath

S. Mitra

Red Light
Cameron Brooks

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  1. Where can I find the actual March 2022 issue?


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