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Poetry from Trevian Hunter

Every now and then, a poem hangs in my head. Trevian Hunter’s short, untitled poem from NDQ 89.1/2 is one of those poems. I’ll just let the poem speak for itself.  You know the rest: if you like what you’re reading here, check out more from our most recent issue, consider

Poetry and Yard Work

It’s autumn here in North Dakotaland and that means that we are enjoying the last gasp burst of color from the trees along rivers and streams, a certain smokey crispness in the air, and the drone of leaf blowers and lawn mowers that anticipates the guttural growl of the snow blower.

It’s Football Season: A Review of Colin in Black and White

Nothing goes together better than North Dakota Quarterly and football, right? After all, we’ve discussed baseball (here and here), cricket, cycling, and even had a poetry editor who holds the record for most interceptions in a season at the University of Massachusetts. When you think about, putting NDQ and the NFL together seems

Poetry from Cyndie Zikmund

As we’ve entered week two of the semester, my practicum course on editing and publishing has once again selected a poem to appear this week on the webpage from our most recent issue NDQ 89.1/2. Cyndie Zikmund’s “Man on Twitter Who Isn’t Your Friend” embodies the tension between the world of

Poetry from John Grey for the Start of the Semester: Biomath

This semester, North Dakota Quarterly is collaborating with an exciting group of University of North Dakota undergraduates who are taking a practicum in editing and publishing. This class will give them a chance to contribute to many aspects of NDQ’s regular operations.  As the first assignment, I asked them to

A Poem by Diane Webster: Man Pickup

As someone who likes a nice pickup truck and lives in a community full of pickup trucks, a poem about pickup trucks will always get my attention. Diane Webster’s poem “Man Pickup” will resonate with anyone who lives in a town with plenty of pickup trucks. More than that, it

“Son, I just told you”: On Believing and the Poetry of John Poff

It’s summertime and in the U.S. this still means baseball. It seems fitting, then, to feature some poetry from John Poff who was a major leaguer and is a brilliant poet. As our poetry editor, Paul Worley, points out in his introduction, his work isn’t so much about baseball as

Special Section on Literature in Translation

While North Dakota Quarterly relies on subscriptions to stay afloat, we also do all we can to make sure that we attract both new readers and new contributors. This means whenever possible, we let readers enjoy the Quarterly for free in the hope that it inspires them to contribute in the future

Essay: Ymir’s Blood

This year marks the 25 anniversary of the Red River flood that inundated Grand Forks, North Dakota and surrounding communities. It is a painful memory for many who lived through it. The recent rains and snow have made these memories a bit more painful as they have once again pushed the Red

Issue 89.1/2 is off to the printers!

Just a short post today to announce that NDQ 89.1/2 is off to the printers. This is a great time to subscribe if you like what we do here on this blog. Or to check out some of the content scheduled to appear in issue 89.1/2 that we’ve already shared.

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