Submission Deadline Is…

There is a lot going on in the NDQ offices these days not the least of which is putting the final touches on NDQ 86.3/4. Do check back her regularly for more content from that issue (or better still, subscribe and get NDQ delivered to your door!) 

As a result, we’ve left open submissions in poetry and non-fiction which usually close at the end of October. This is partly because we’ve been a bit too busy to close them, but mostly because the entire editorial board has been pretty jazzed about the recent poetry and non-fiction content. By keeping submissions open a bit longer, we hope to be able to get some more of the best content to appear in the last two volumes.

Needless to say, we always keep fiction submissions open. 

So, if you have some work that you’ve been thinking about submitting to NDQ, please do! We’ll keep submissions open until the end of the year before closing them until March 1. 

Remember that NDQ relies on our outstanding contributors, editors, and subscribers to thrive. Please consider submitting to NDQsubscribing, or downloading our previous volume.  For some content from our most recent issue NDQ 86.1/2, click here.  

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