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Two Poems from Kimberly Becker

Kimberly Becker’s poems are as breathtaking as they are thought provoking. It was an honor to publish three of her poems in the most recent North Dakota Quarterly, and it is exciting for me, as editor, to share two of these poems on the web today. Rumor has it that we have another, unpublished poem

Shadow Matter

North Dakota Quarterly is proudly based at the University of North Dakota. As a result, we feel the start of the academic year quite acutely. Students return, faculty return, and campus returns to life. It’s almost impossible not to think about the classic campus novels, whether Kingsley Amos’s Lucky Jim,

F is for…

A short poem by Dave Wieczorek from NDQ 86.1/2. It’s perfect reading as the days are getting just a bit shorter and summer is giving way to fall:   F Is For . . . Felicitous by natureFamous for her charmFelicity by nameFinally, lost to all   ~ Dave Wieczorek is a longtime

A Poem: An Olive Grove in Crete, 1941

Each summer, I spend time in Greece doing archaeological field work and thinking about historical landscapes that stretch from deepest antiquity into the 20th century. Certain events in the 20th century have left indelible scars in the Greek countryside and on our collective spirits. David Pratt’s short poem, which appears

Festschrift: A Tribute to William H. Gass

One of the first things that I did when I became editor of North Dakota Quarterly (after putting about 20,000 back issues in boxes) was to chat with my old friend Crystal Alberts. I don’t remember which of us had the idea for a special section on the late William

Two Poems by George Fragopoulos: Tourism Theory and Theophilus Luatima at the End of the World

When I’m not wearing my NDQ‘s editor hat (it’s not a real hat), I’m a field archaeologist who works in Greece and Cyprus. In fact, right now, I’m writing from an apartment on Cyprus preparing for a day studying Roman and Late Roman pottery. George Fragopoulos’s two poems spoke to

Double Helix

From the pages of NDQ 86.1/2, Ronna Wineberg’s story, “Double Helix” offers an engaging glimpse of a woman overcoming her past. The story is perfect for a reflective early summer afternoon. NDQ relies on our outstanding contributors, editors, and subscribers to thrive. Please consider submitting to NDQ, subscribing, or downloading our previous volume. For more from

A Prayer for my Christian Father

It is a pleasure to share more poetry from NDQ 86.1/2 which should be arriving in subscribers’ mailboxes even as we speak! This week Danielle Hale offers a deeply personal reflection in her poem “A Prayer for my Christian Father.” For more content from NDQ 86.1/2 click here, or, better

Three Poems by Eric Greinke

We are very pleased to feature three poems from Eric Greinke in the forthcoming issue of NDQ 86.1/2 (2019). They’re vivid and emotionally demanding in confronting pressing issues of climate change, poverty, and inequality in a personal and intimate way. NDQ relies on our outstanding contributors, editors, and subscribers to

NDQ Issue 86.1/2

Issue 86.1/2 has gone to the printers and we’re pretty happy to share the table of contents with you. The volume has a bit of everything:  5 short stories, 6 non-fiction pieces, and 51 poems, plus a section guest edited by Crystal Alberts on Bill Gass. The contributors range from young poets

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