Submissions to the Quarterly

One of our great fears when North Dakota Quarterly went on brief sabbatical was that our contributors would forsake us and we’d lack for submissions. Happily, this was not the case, and our friends and supporters flocked to our new online submission platform and filled our queues with the good, the beautiful, the intriguing, the evocative, the challenging, and, sometimes, the suitable for NDQ’s pages.

Because we’ve enjoyed such bounty and to give our hardworking non-fiction and poetry editors a bit of a break in the new year, we’ve decided to close submissions for poetry and non-fiction. Our fiction editor, however, will continue to read your submissions. You can submit them here! 

Our plan is to reopen submissions when volume 85 appears in the next couple of months and hopefully by AWP conference in March where we’ll be represented by our new publisher, the University of Nebraska Press and perhaps a couple of editors.

In the meantime, consider subscribing to the Quarterly. And stay tuned to this blog for some exciting announcements this spring! And think of us, up north here in North Dakotaland, while you sip your Quarterly cocktail by a crackling fire,

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