NDQ has Reopened Submissions!

It is with a good bit of excitement that we announce that North Dakota Quarterly has reopened submission for fiction, poetry, and non-fiction for a volume to be published this fall.

As part of this process, we’ve revised our submission guidelines to reflect the changing character of the board and, we hope, the ongoing development of the Quarterly itself. You can read those here.

One thing that hasn’t changed is that we’ve remained committed to publishing “… your best work. No preference with regard to form, style, as long as the content isn’t lame and the language works.” Or as our fiction editor puts it, “we value the willingness to treat fiction as textual art and take literary risks. Naturally, there is no guarantee that innovation will yield good results. But when it comes to art, it might be better to fail with something original than to play it safe with a predictable formula.”

If you’re curious what NDQ has been up to lately, check out the blog or click here to see a sample of material from our most recent double issue.

We’re also cautiously excited to announce that for the first time in Quarterly history, we are accepting submissions using an online management system. We hope that it makes submitting to NDQ easier for our authors (and more convenient for our international group of editors!).

So keep us in mind as you head into the summer months and send along anything that “isn’t lame!”

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