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All the Bodies

All the Bodies William Stobb About the Recording Poetry and shorter prose forms come more naturally to me than does a longer piece like “All the Bodies.” I find it really hard to write all the way across the page without just hitting return and creating a line break. All


Baby Jessica Walsh She met a man who was really a cursed spindle in a barn no one had checked She faded into a farmhouse thinned to brittle bought chickens and called them all baby Her back her nerves her skin burn a bonfire in between the charms he mixed

Upon Retirement

Upon Retirement Jessica Walsh Tumble shine my bones, articulate me in the anatomy lab where all who used my name may scrape wrist and rib seek heart shell smell ghosted marrow tap my sternum as if to listen for my permission thrumming low down bones steer my jaw around what

As Venus Stations Retrograde

As Venus Stations Retrograde Wendy Chin-Tanner silver moon sliver spoon kindness of slow summer dawn who blooms unfurling susurrus shredding night shedding darkness rising up she stares at mother’s face great dark sky her skin flecked with stars ~ Wendy Chin-Tanner is the author of the poetry collection Turn (Sibling


Filigree Wendy Chin-Tanner Orion’s bright daughter Capella visible now Chiron’s in Pisces full circle of winter stars again circling it will not stop breath of wood leaf rot rock the rushing water cold wisps of day light cobwebs in her hair ~ Wendy Chin-Tanner is the author of the poetry


Visions By Michael Benedict Howard Woods is alone in his office. He sits turned away from the e-mail he should be writing, looking out the window and down to 27th Street, trying to decide if the woman crossing against the light is attractive; he is studying her sandy hair, her

Life Sentence

Life Sentence By Brian Walter Alice Dodge was falling fast, her already-orphaned son leaping to the hospital window a second too late to save her, her daughter peering up from the hard pavement with a look of dawning horror as the dot in the sky above her—curled curiously almost into

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