Maxwell Anderson in 1911: The Masque of the Pedagogues

For over 100 years, North Dakota Quarterly has made its home at the University of North Dakota. For the last 60 years, NDQ has been much more than a university journal.

At the same time, the rhythm of work on NDQ, its home in an academic building, and academic standing of most of its editorial board has meant that the Quarterly and its editors feel the ebbs and flows of the academic year acutely.

To celebrate the ebbing of the semester, we though it would be fitting to offer a bit of end of the semester fun in the form of Maxwell Anderson’s senior play. Penned in 1911, North Dakota Quarterly published this earliest work in Anderson’s significant corpus in 1957.

Masque of the Pedagogues: Being a Dream of President McVey, offers a witty perspective on turn-of-the-century life on the University of North Dakota campus. It features well-known denizens of UND’s campus such as the fun-loving historian Orin G. Libby, A.G. Leonard (who famously recognized the potential for oil in Western ND), the well-know Chemistry professor, George Abbot, A. Hoyt Taylor, Wallace Stern (a scholar of Near Eastern languages and culture), and James Boyle (a well-known sociologist who began his career at UND before moving on to Cornell), oh, and Satan.

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