Wayside Sacraments: Some Free Beauty from Ryan Stander

Ryan Stander is North Dakota Quarterly’s new art editor and to celebrate this, we’ve convinced him to share a little gaggle of his photographs from his instagram feed.

WS 4

Ryan hails from Minot State University in Minot, North Dakota. His work (in his own words!): “explores the reciprocal relationship between humanity and a world of physical objects and places.  In particular, I am interested in the cultural frameworks, including beliefs, biases, and assumptions that guide human interactions with the material world.”

WS 2

His collection is called Wayside Sacraments and this title embraces Ryan’s deep interest in art, ritual and Christianity. They’re full of beauty, irony, style, and provocative juxtapositions.

WS 3

Download it here and if you’d like a paper copy, get that here.

You can check out Ryan’s contribution to Micah Bloom’s Codex here. (And be sure to check out Brian Schill’s review of Codex here.)

WS 1

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