Our 2017 Pushcart Prize Nominations


It’s that time of year again. No, not the Nobel Prize awards. That’s so yesterday. But the Pushcart Prizes, according to its website, “the most honored literary project in America.” The annual publication represents the best stories, poetry and essays submitted by editors of small presses and little magazines. A collection of prize winners has been published annually since 1976.

This year, North Dakota Quarterly happily nominated the following selections for Pushcart Prize XLI:

  • Rhiannon Conley, “He Will Cover You With His Feathers” (Vol. 83.1) (poem)
  • Sarah Lindsay, “The Dhambalin Animals” (Vol. 83.2/3) (poem)
  • Anna Meek, “Primagravida” (Vol. 83.2/3) (poem)
  • Tara Kaprowy, “Line in the Sky” (Vol. 83.2/3) (story)
  • Scott Nadelson, “The Fourth Corner of the World” (Vol. 83.2/3) (story)
  • Jaclyn Watterson, “Kindle and Scorch” (Vol. 83.2/3) (story)