North Dakota Quarterly and the Budget Cuts at the University of North Dakota

North Dakota Quarterly, an interdisciplinary public humanities journal published at the University of North Dakota for more than 83 years, has been notified that it will lose its funding in the current wave of budget cuts at UND. Effective August 15th, NDQ will no longer have salary for its managing editor or funds for publication and support staff. We are disappointed. Along with many at UND, we’re concerned about the consequences of these cuts not only for educating students, but also for serving the community and the state.

The faculty editors, managing editor, and editorial board of NDQ have met and decided to continue producing the journal both in print and online. We are already planning next year’s issues. We will argue for refunding by UND and will pursue other funding support.

We are committed to public humanities and we take seriously the University of North Dakota’s civic responsibility to provide not only a quality liberal arts education for our students but also a publicly supported home for humanities work for the region and beyond.

NDQ is not out. Stand by for more good work in our pages and online.

If you want to join the conversation on how NDQ will move forward, check out this post or sign up for our email list.

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