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Kelvin Kellman’s Black Woman

Every now and then an author reaches out to the Quarterly and asks that we share their work on our website. While it’s impossible to share every author’s work, this almost always nudges me back to look at an author’s contribution again. Last week, Kelvin Kellman reached out about his poem

Chronicle by Sanjeev Sethi

This week, NDQ 88.1/2 went off to the printers. If you’re a subscriber look for your copy sometime in the next few weeks.  As part of the celebration, it is my pleasure to publish here Sanjeev Sethi’s poem “Chronicle” which will appear as the final contribution in the next issue. As

Ana P.’s Poetry of Erasure

Every now and then we receive something at NDQ that deserves to be published, but its format, for some reason, makes it difficult to publish in the paper issue.  This is the case with Ana P.’s erasures. Created from pages captured from Google Books the resolution makes it difficult to reproduce in

The Poetry of Ana Maria Spagna

Congratulations to Ana Maria Spagna for being nominated for a Pushcart Prize for her poem “California Gold” which appeared in NDQ 87.1/2. Pushcart Prizes recognize the best writing from small presses and little magazines like North Dakota Quarterly. And a nomination is an honor we greedily share with our authors. 

Hope, Springtime, and Poetry

This time of year always brings me a feeling of hope. Some of this has to do with the first (and often fleeting) glimpse of spring, some of this has to do with the arrival of Easter and Passover, which are inherently hopeful holidays, and some of this might have to

Remembering Lawrence Ferlinghetti

As news and tributes to the poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti pour in from across the social media and the internet, NDQ thought it would be appropriate to recognize Ferlinghetti’s influence on  our little corner of the world. A good start would be the contribution by James McKenzie to our 2017 issue celebrating the Thomas McGrath centennial.

Poem: Surviving Mardi Gras

It’s almost Lent in the western calendar, which means that Mardi Gras is less than two weeks away and the first installment of Ordinary Time will come to a close. It seemed an appropriate time to post Lane Chasek’s “Surviving Mardi Gras” in anticipation of this transformative season, but with a strong grounding in

Two Poems by Lindy Obach

Every now and then a member of the NDQ editorial board reaches out and tell me how much they liked this or that contribution. It should go without saying that just like most of our readers, editorial board members generally enjoy most of what’s in the Quarterly. Even so, every now and then someone feels

NDQ at the End of 2020

Usually the end of a year can be bittersweet, but I think that most of us can agree that there is very little sweetness in the passing of 2020. That being said, we continue to be honored by the wide range of contributions that come to NDQ each week and the trust

Poetry from Craig Santos Perez

One of my favorite poems in the forthcoming issue of NDQ (87/3/4) is Craig Santos Perez’s “from aerial roots [off-island chamorros]”. Part of what makes this poem so intriguing and exciting to me is the structure of the lines and their arrangement which really works much better in the print version of the Quarterly.

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