Ninety Volumes of NDQ

Last semester, the North Dakota Quarterly team collaborated on a practicum on editing and publishing in which we focused on preparing an issue 89.3/4 for publication. The students organized the issue, identifying which essays and poetry to include from the pile of already accepted material. Judging from the comments that I received from contributors, folks seemed genuinely appreciative of the students’ efforts to create a cohesive and thoughtful issue. 

The other project that we worked on in the fall was completing the archive of back issues of NDQ available for download. As part of that work and looking ahead for ways to celebrate NDQ’s 90th volume, I invited the students to peruse the last 50 years of NDQ and write single sentence responses to 90 contributions that stood out to them. The goal with this project was to invite readers to explore the archive with a fresh set of eyes.  

The resulting volume which is now in production includes 90 sentences and 90 references to 90 contributions to the Quarterly. To keep things in the spirit of 90, we also decided that a 90 word introduction would be appropriate:

For a magazine associated with a single state, North Dakota Quarterly is anything but a regional journal. Since its first publication in 1911, NDQ has published creative works from national and international writers. Each issue takes the reader on a journey, while remaining consistent with The Quarterly‘s home in Grand Forks, North Dakota. This year, editing and publishing students at the University of North Dakota explored hundreds of issues of NDQ with new eyes and celebrated ninety pieces with ninety sentences to mark the ninetieth volume of North Dakota Quarterly.


Having just completed typesetting on this little volume, I’m really excited to share it with a wider audience. It is not only worth reading in its own right, but also a great new way to open up NDQ’s vast archive to a new generation of readers.  

Stay tuned for more on this project which will be available as a free download and a low cost print-on-demand! 

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