The Poetry of Jimmy Carter

Last month Lane Chasek, whose poem “Surviving Mardi Gras” we published in North Dakota Quarterly 87.3/4, posted a cool little story about his grandmother and NDQ on his blog. He recounted that his grandmother read few literary journals and NDQ was one of them because we published a handful of Jimmy Carter’s poems in NDQ 60,1 (1992)


You can check out this content in our Archive. Unfortunately, the link pages that feature President Carter’s poems were out of order in the HathiTrust scan. So, I downloaded the pages and put them in the right order and you can download them here

As you likely know, these days are particularly challenging for many cultural institutions, publishers, and little magazines. So even if NDQ doesn’t float your boat, If you can, consider buying a book from a small presssubscribing to a literary journal, or otherwise supporting the arts. I heartily recommend grabbing a copy of the new issue of Hotel Amerika which is celebrating its 20th anniversary by publishing an anthology of some its most creative, provocative, and stimulating work. Grab a copy here

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