Women and the Quarterly

Bill Caraher |

I think it’s fair to say that events of last week shook many readers, contributors, editors, and friends of North Dakota Quarterly. I continue to struggle to process the Supreme Court’s decision and the legislative fall out across the United States.

I know that I’m not in the position to pose solutions, answers, or even future directions.

Instead, I’ll offer just a couple links to the material in our archives in the hope that it contributes to the conversation.

First, is a link to volume 52.1 from Winter 1984. Titled “Women’s Research,” the volume offers a critique of the “masculinist bias of knowledge as it is traditionally created and institutionalized in our culture.” In the context of last weeks events, I can think of fewer more simple and profound statements.

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And secondly, I’ll post a link to Judith Ford’s story “Green Scarf” from NDQ 85.  Now may not be the right time to read that story, but it’ll be here when it is.

UPDATE: I know this isn’t from NDQ, but the Journal of Women’s History has opened access to a whole series of significant articles on the history of women’s reproductive rights. They’re listed in this Twitter thread.

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