From the Archives: Fiction from Bábara Mújica

Every now and then someone points me in the direction of something from NDQ’s vast archive. A couple weeks ago, Kate Sweney our long-serving (and now retired) managing editor and current editorial board member mentioned a story by Bábara Mújica from NDQ 65.2 (1998) titled “How José Ignacio Maria de Jesús San Juan e Ynduráin Learned to Dance the Hora.”

The story is really fantastic and a great way to start the slide into the weekend. It tells the story of a Chilean family who struggles to find ways to come to terms with their daughter’s decision to marry into an Orthodox Jewish family.

You can read the story here.

You can read more about the author here.

The issue features a fantastic cover by Linda Whitney that I reproduce here rather poorly!

IMG 6823

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