Ana P.’s Poetry of Erasure

Every now and then we receive something at NDQ that deserves to be published, but its format, for some reason, makes it difficult to publish in the paper issue. 

This is the case with Ana P.’s erasures. Created from pages captured from Google Books the resolution makes it difficult to reproduce in print form. At the same time, the graininess of the images and the almost ethereal character of the words on the page contributes the atmospheric character of her reclaimed verses. 

While these pages will not be appearing in the next issue of the Quarterly, it is not because they’re not high quality, challenging, and compelling.

Enjoy Ana P.’s erasures as they conjure what could be from what is. 

Prundaru Poems

Prundaru Poems 2

Prundaru Poems 3

Prundaru Poems 4

Prundaru Poems 5


Ana P. is a legal consultant and independent writer based in Switzerland. She was formerly the art director of Pidgeonholes Magazine and has recently contributed to Tokyo Poetry Journal, Heavy Feather Review and the Suburban Review

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