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Yesterday, a nice little story on North Dakota Quarterly in the University of North Dakota’s official news feed, UND TodayGo read it!

Print is not dead  UND Today 2018 11 07 06 45 43

The main goal of this article is not so much to celebrate the re-appearance of NDQ, but to announce that  subscriptions are now available! One of the great challenges facing NDQ in the past was getting an online subscription platform up and running at UND. Our partnership with the University of Nebraska Press has solved this problem, and you can now subscribe to the Quarterly by going here

By subscribing you’ll get an amazing collection of fiction, poetry, and essays in two double issues of NDQ per year. More than that, you’ll be investing in the public arts and humanities and making it possible for NDQ to continue for years to come and show the world and the campus community that literary journals are sustainable projects in the age of austerity.  Subscribe!

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