Paul Worley’s translation of “The Train”

Last month, Paul Worley, whose translated volume of Tsotsil Mayan poetry was released as a North Dakota Quarterly supplement contributed a translation of Martín Tonalmeyotl’s “The Train” to well-known literary translation site, Asymptote. 

As the U.S. continues to wrestle with borders, immigration, and immigrants the act of translation becomes a particularly potent and transgressive act as it literally “carries over” between cultures, nations, and boundaries.

Check out Paul’s translation from the Spanish (of Martín Tonalmeyotl’s poetry which he translated from the Náhuatl).

And, just out today, here’s Paul’s translation of Hubert Matiúwàa’s poem “Earthen Skin” which he translated from the Mè’phàà and Spanish.

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