Vintage Perfumes and Printing

Our editors at North Dakota Quarterly are busy folks working to keep the quality of the journal as high as possible and pursuing their own creative work.

Last week, our poetry editor, Heidi Czerwiec published a series of five prose-poems at KYSO Flash inspired by vintage perfume. (As an aside, check out KYSO Flash’s vintage web design. Totally hipstertastic! And the practice of providing statistics for every issue is something that I think more places )

I had the opportunity to talk with Heidi about vintage perfumes, and her descriptions of their scents were completely enchanting. The idea that we smell different and differently in the past was hardly foreign to me, but Heidi’s work describes these scents in a way that communicate their meaning, feeling, and aura across the decades.

Our art editor, Lucy Ganje, is moving her vintage letter-press printing presses (weighing in at around 9,000 lbs) from their current home in Grand Forks, North Dakota to her new studio in South Dakota’s Black Hills. Lucy’s letter press printing embraces the slow art movement and preserves vintage production while recognizing contemporary aesthetics in graphic design. Her presses and considerable talents will join Racing Magpie and continue their work to engage the community and creativity.

The move for that much delicate equipment is costly, however, and she’s trying to raise the $5000 necessary to move her studio to Rapid City. If you value the community centered, slow art of letter press printing, help her out here.

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