New Book: Scott Olsen’s A Moment with Strangers

Congratulations to our friends at the North Dakota State University Press for the publication of W. Scott Olsen’s, A Moment with Strangers. Scott is a regular contributor to North Dakota Quarterly and last year published “Nine Variations on the Idea of Street Music” which you can read here. Go check out the NDSU Press Facebook page for this book and their other offerings.


The NDQ managing editor Kate Sweney notes:

“There are stories that teach, stories that entertain, and stories that make you think. A Moment with Strangers has some of each. But the best part of this collection of essays is the opportunity to hang out with Scott Olsen and watch his mind work as he pays tribute to firefighters who died in the line of duty or looks at signs that say, for example, “You are Nowhere” and “Winding Road Next 99 Miles.” A Moment with Strangers  is at once a keen observation of the world, both natural and human-made, and a quest to find “a picture that provokes an emotional response based in humility and inspiration and a sense of scale. A sense that this part of what is possible in human life-span.” The sense of scale evoked here is far-ranging, and a more pleasurable journey would be hard to find.”

One Reply to “New Book: Scott Olsen’s A Moment with Strangers”

  1. Sandra Felstet says:

    I have a question regarding author Scott Olsen. Did his life story include the Military?


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