Cover Art: North Dakota Quarterly 83.1

This week we received copies of North Dakota Quarterly 83.1. Taking nothing away from the content, the cover is a spectacular photograph by Chuck Kimmerle who served as campus photographer for the University of North Dakota for many years.

Kate Sweney, our managing editor added this: 

The artwork for our winter issue, 83.1, started with the idea of using sundogs on the cover. It is the Winter issue and sundogs are endemic this time of year in our area. Graphic designer Wind Spirit Spotted Bear found a number of great images, but most were oriented horizontally rather than vertically. Then Art Editor Lucy Ganje remembered a photograph by Chuck Kimmerle of a sundog and went to his website. No sundogs, but many, many gorgeous black and white, wintery sorts of photographs. Lucy asked Chuck’s permission to use one for the cover, but the more we looked, the more we liked.

We picked two for the cover, a row of trees in each, one going in for the front, and one coming out for the back. Lucy picked another eight or nine and asked Chuck’s permission to use them in the issue. He not only granted us permission to use those but he also threw in a couple of others that he particularly liked for us to use if we wished. But of course.

More on this volume next week, but for now enjoy a dramatic winter view.

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