Thomas McGrath and NDQ

Perhaps no author is more closely associated with North Dakota Quarterly than Thomas McGrath. In recent years, his work as a definitive poet of the Northern Plains or the American West has received renewed interest and attention. Charlotte Mandel’s recent essay in Poets’ Quarterly captures the scope and tone of McGrath’s work as well as any. McGrath’s biography at the Poetry Foundation demonstrates his deep roots in the American heartland, in a dreamlike reality, and in the pages of North Dakota Quarterly.

Fall  82

With cold of winter threatens to foreclose on the optimism of the New Year, we though it wise to present some Thomas McGrath from the pages of NDQ for your free reading pleasure.

Various Authors, A Festschrift for Tom McGrath. 1982.

T. McGrath, The Coffin Has No Handles. 1984.

T. McGrath, “Seven Poems.” 1985.

T. McGrath, “Six Poems.” 1987.

T. McGrath, “Three Poems.” 1988.

T. McGrath, “Four Poems.” 1988.

T. McGrath, “A Fable for Poets.” 1989.

T. McGrath, “Keeping Track.” 2002.

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