A Homecoming Cover

It’s homecoming here on the lovely campus of the University of North Dakota where North Dakota Quarterly has made its home for over 100 years. It’s appropriate then to celebrate homecoming with  a cover image from the university’s past.

A few weeks ago, while teaching my large, introductory section of History 101: Western Civilization, I showed a picture of the great UND historian Orin G. Libby. Being a playful and punning sort, I tinted the image orange and called him Orangey Libby. Get it?

Orangey Libby

It thought I was pretty clever, but little did I know that North Dakota Quarterly had beat me to the pun by over 40 years. Orange is one of the University of North Dakota’s official colors.

I present to you Orangey Libby from North Dakota Quarterly 37.3 (Summer 1969):


Be sure to check out the rest of the North Dakota Quarterly Archive under the Archive tab above!

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