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Chronicle by Sanjeev Sethi

This week, NDQ 88.1/2 went off to the printers. If you’re a subscriber look for your copy sometime in the next few weeks.  As part of the celebration, it is my pleasure to publish here Sanjeev Sethi’s poem “Chronicle” which will appear as the final contribution in the next issue. As

The New Issue’s Cover

Yesterday, we received page proofs from our publishing partners at the University of Nebraska Press and this included four options for the cover. The cover art is based on a series of prints by our art editor Ryan Stander called “Pursue _______________:” The sentiments on the panels were crowd-sourced and printed using a

Hope, Springtime, and Poetry

This time of year always brings me a feeling of hope. Some of this has to do with the first (and often fleeting) glimpse of spring, some of this has to do with the arrival of Easter and Passover, which are inherently hopeful holidays, and some of this might have to

NDQ 88.1/2 Table of Contents

This past week, I sent off issue NDQ 88.1/2 to our publishing partners at the University of Nebraska Press. The issue is balanced a bit more toward prose than the last two which has less to do with the quality of submissions in poetry and more to do with the remarkable fiction

Thinking about a Cover for NDQ 88.1/2

Yesterday afternoon the copy edited manuscripts for NDQ 88.1/2 arrived in my inbox. This is always an exciting time it feels like the issue is taking the first step in its move from a gaggle of disaggregated selections to something more cohesive and complete. At around this time in the process, I usually

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