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The Poetry of Ana Maria Spagna

Congratulations to Ana Maria Spagna for being nominated for a Pushcart Prize for her poem “California Gold” which appeared in NDQ 87.1/2. Pushcart Prizes recognize the best writing from small presses and little magazines like North Dakota Quarterly. And a nomination is an honor we greedily share with our authors. 

A Peaceful Poem for a Windy Summer: Still

There’s something about Bonnie Larson Staiger’s poem “Still” that reminds me of summer evenings where the heat of the day begins to break and the North Dakota wind (always more than a breeze) brings a bit of relief.  With all the chaos in the world today, maybe “Still” will offer a moment of

Short Fiction: Ursa

As some parts of the country start to carefully emerge from their two-month, COVID-19 hibernation, we thought we’d share Shane Castle’s story “Ursa” which appeared in NDQ 87.1/2. I’m usually not at a loss for how to describe a story, but this piece is indescribable. At turns touching, funny, and absurd, it’s

Essay: Role Playing Games

In my other life, I’ve been thinking about digital media, computer games, and archaeology of contemporary American culture. These musing may be why Evan Higgins’s essay, “Role Playing Games” resonated with me. It also happens to be a very fine essay that appears in NDQ 87.1/2. If you’d like to

NDQ Issue 87.1/2 for Free

We know that things are rough out there. Between COVID-19 and personal, economic, and emotional challenges associated with social distancing, there doesn’t seem to be a lot right happening in the world. To do our part to make the world just a little bit better, we thought we’d make the

Short Fiction: how it will happen

To celebrate NDQ 87.1/2 going to the printer, despite all the confusion, uncertainty, and tragedy in the world, here’s Terry Toma’s story “how it will happen” which will appear in the next issue of the Quarterly. There’s something about this story that captures the contemporary mood. It goes without saying that

North Dakota Quarterly 87.1/2 Covers!

It goes without saying that there are very few reasons to celebrate these days, but as our publication workflow adapts to the challenge of COVID-19, we are getting back on schedule for the publication of issue 87.1/2. That means, if you’re a contributor, check your email for page proofs this

Two Poems from Danny Barbare

North Dakota Quarterly has been fortunate enough to receive two of Danny Barbare’s short and vivid poems over the past year. In 86.3/4 “The Snow” appeared toward the front of the issue, and we’re doing the same thing with “The Movie” for issue 87.1/2 which is currently in production. Remember that NDQ relies on

A Prodigal Poem: Caroline Parkman Barr’s All I Have to Offer

It is our pleasure to share Caroline Parkman Barr’s poem “All I Have to Offer” which will appear in NDQ 87.1/2.  This poem had a bit of an odd journey through our editorial processes. It was lost in a file mix-up in the editorial office, then I promised it would

NDQ 87.1/2 Table of Contents

NDQ 87.1/2 has gone to our publishing partners at the University of Nebraska Press, so it seemed like a good time to share the table of contents for the issue. We’ve rejiggered the table of contents to organize the contributions by genre, although the body of the journal will continue with

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