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Maxwell Anderson in 1911: The Masque of the Pedagogues

For over 100 years, North Dakota Quarterly has made its home at the University of North Dakota. For the last 60 years, NDQ has been much more than a university journal. At the same time, the rhythm of work on NDQ, its home in an academic building, and academic standing

Academic Freedom and Austerity at American Universities

Two things happened this week at North Dakota Quarterly. First, our esteemed editor spent hours boxing up back issues in our storeroom and that allowed him to think a good bit about our forthcoming spring forum on Humanities in the Age of Austerity (for the call-for-submissions go here). Thinking and boxing up

The Great War

As we reflect on the 100th anniversary of the United States entering the Great War this week, we remember that World War I cast a long shadow over life in Europe, in the United States, and on the North Plains. North Dakota Quarterly documented the impact of WWI on campus

Thomas McGrath at 100: Where Speech Becomes Song

This month, we recognize Thomas McGrath’s 100th birthday by presenting his contributions to North Dakota Quarterly on a special page featuring a new essay by renown McGrath scholar Dale Jacobson. We’re posting the Jacobson essay both here and on the page dedicated to McGrath in the Quarterly here.  By Dale Jacobson We

Robinson’s History: Fifty Years Later

Over the last few weeks, North Dakota Quarterly has reprinted a series of short reviews that explore the legacy of Elwyn B. Robinson’s History of North Dakota on the occasion of its 50th anniversary. You can check them out here, here, and here, and introduction to this series is here. Far from being a local book on

Traveling North Dakota

The waning days of summer bring stories of summer travels, and this got me thinking a bit about travel across North Dakota. I’ve lived in North Dakota for more than a decade and every trip out of town feels like an adventure as prairie vistas, small towns, and prospering little

George Starcher and The Future of the University

62 years ago, the University of North Dakota welcomed George F. Starcher and two years later, North Dakota Quarterly awoke from its 23-year, depression-induced slumber. In the first volume of its return, NDQ featured an article by then President George F. Starcher titled the “Future of the University.” Starcher probably

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