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Egyptian Reflections: Democracy in Traffic

Democracy in Traffic* Rebecca J. Romsdahl This is the first of four essays reflecting on Egypt. Please also read the introduction to see how they are all linked. Enjoy! After two hours sitting on the runway and ten and a half hours of flight time, our fellow passengers seemed very happy

Egyptian Reflections: An Introduction

Touring the gaps between rich and poor* Rebecca J. Romsdahl On January 25, 2011 the Arab Spring Revolution erupted in Egypt. My partner and I were transfixed by the news reports as demonstrators and police clashed in cities across the country with tear-gas and water canons being used against people

What is a Dive Bar?

As the weather turns cold and evenings come just a bit sooner, it seems timely to reflect on the character of “a local.” The local dive bar is as ancient as settlements, and Mark Jendrysik, offers a reflective definition of these iconic places in the American landscape. What is a

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