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In Our Own Words: Native Impressions

An exhibition of prints created by Daniel Heyman and NDQ’s Art Editor Lucy Ganje (titled “In Our Own Words: Native Impressions) is currently on display at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. The twenty-six prints on handmade paper feature portraits of Native Americans living in North Dakota. Portions of interviews

Nicodemus, Kansas: A State of Mind

Sharon Carson Nicodemus, Kansas has a unique place in American and African American history as the first all-black settlement in Kansas, a community built starting in 1877 as a self-defined sanctuary for African American citizens seeking to escape from the post-Civil War white violence in Kentucky and elsewhere. Nicodemus today

Short Take: Three Digital Museums

This week’s Short Take invites you to visit the web pages of three transnational and highly collaborative museum projects: The Canadian Human Rights Museum (Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada); The Jewish Museum (Berlin); and The Palestinian Museum (Birzeit, Palestine). The links are below. This is a digitally altered image from the Canadian

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