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A Cocktail Fit for a Quarterly

The essence of connoisseurship is simplicity, and I’m talking about the kind that’s born from respect rather than resignation. Taste is all about knowing how to spot and, then, how to avoid hyperbole. It manifests as a disdain for the overwrought and inauthentic and, sometimes, as a quest for its

In Search of ‘Gentle Abrasion’

As I write this, I’m off to California (for a trad musician like myself, such an act cannot help but summon this song) in search of a little “gentle abrasion.” That’s a salaciously poetic way of stating what, in plainer terms, amounts to a more humble kind of declaration. I’m

Announcing Micah Bloom’s Codex

In the spirit of collaboration, North Dakota Quarterly is pleased to share in the excitement surrounding the release of Micah Bloom’s Codex from The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota. Micah Bloom’s Codex examines the fate of books in the aftermath of the 2011 Minot flood. It is an ambitious

Vintage Perfumes and Printing

Our editors at North Dakota Quarterly are busy folks working to keep the quality of the journal as high as possible and pursuing their own creative work. Last week, our poetry editor, Heidi Czerwiec published a series of five prose-poems at KYSO Flash inspired by vintage perfume. (As an aside, check

Friends: Assay: A Journal of Non-Fiction Studies

A quick shout out to our friends down the road in Moorhead, Minnesota where Concordia College publishes Assay: A Journal of Nonfiction Studies. The website is beautiful. The content is thought provoking. And the impulse to consider and reflect on the essay as a kind of writing is particularly valuable

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