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This Humble Vessel Called Earth

“Earth may be considered as a small spaceship with limited supplies or resources revolving around the sun with the human race as the crew and the United States and other highly developed nations as the officers. The entire crew is responsible for those actions which modify the ship’s condition, i.e.

Maxwell Anderson in 1911: The Masque of the Pedagogues

For over 100 years, North Dakota Quarterly has made its home at the University of North Dakota. For the last 60 years, NDQ has been much more than a university journal. At the same time, the rhythm of work on NDQ, its home in an academic building, and academic standing

Micah Bloom’s Skeleton Tree

Brian James Schill If ever there were an artifact that captured the sound of life disintegrating, it is Nick Cave’s 2016 record Skeleton Tree. Produced as Cave was working through the loss of his son Arthur, Skeleton is less a pop album than an accidental elegy—an eschatological document finally worthy

In Our Own Words: Native Impressions

An exhibition of prints created by Daniel Heyman and NDQ’s Art Editor Lucy Ganje (titled “In Our Own Words: Native Impressions) is currently on display at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. The twenty-six prints on handmade paper feature portraits of Native Americans living in North Dakota. Portions of interviews

Lucy Ganje / Borderlines: Accounts Paid, Accounts Due

Borderlines: Accounts Paid, Accounts Due (published in NDQ 84.1/2) Lucy Ganje This piece portrays the movement of two families, both caught up in transnational border policies. Transnational borders within the United States of America are crossed daily—no need for a passport, no luggage or car searches, no checkpoint questions, at

RedCan Graffiti Jam!

North Dakota Quarterly is pleased to pass along some great regional arts news!  The RedCan Graffiti Jam project of the Cheyenne River Youth Project (Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe) is a finalist for this year’s Robert E. Gard Award, a national arts award given out annually by Americans For the Arts. Here’s

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